Addis Ababa & Around

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  • Duration - 1-3 Days
  • Departure - Addis Ababa
  • Min. Age - 9 years Old
  • Availability - All Year Round
  • Return - Addis Ababa
  • Max. People - 10
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Tour Detail

This type of tour helps our clients to visit what the life stile of the inhabitants of the metropolis and it is environs including the natural attractions surrounding it like.

201-The monastery of Debra Libanos and Portuguese George

Debra Libanos is 105 km away from Addis Ababa. It was built in the 13th century. It has been used as the learning center for the Orthodox religion followers who come from the central and southern parts of Ethiopia. It is located in the deep massif of Jimma River, which serves as tributary to the Blue Nile River.

SET Out Line Itinerary
Tour Code SET 001
Duration – Full Day
Addis – Debre Libanos –Blue Nile Gorge – Addis

202-Debra Zeit, Nazareth and Sodera

Debre Zeit, Nazereth and Sodera are located 50kms, 100kms and 135kms away from Addis Ababa respectively. There are encircled by eye-catching crater lakes and resort areas of hot springs.

SET Out Line Itinerary
Tour Code SET 002
Duration – Two Days
Departure AM
Addis – Debra Zeit – Nazareth – Sodora –Addis

Day 1- passing the Crater Lakes of Debrezeit to Sodore over night Sodora
Day 2- Return to Addis late after noon

203- Melka Cuntre, Adadi mariam and Tiya

Tiya,Adadi mariam and Melka Cuntera are archeological and religious sites. They are a 60km, and 90km drive away from the capital city respectively. A large number of states are available in Tiya. Melka Cuntre is known for its abundant stone tools. Adadi mariam was built in the shape of the Lalibela church.

204-Gefersa and Mengesha Suba

The Gefersa water reservoir is located 10kms to the west of Addis Ababa. It is considered to be a heaven on the earth for many bird species. What is more, there is a popular forest in Mengesh suba, which is bewared to be kept in the 15th century by king Zara Yacob. It is the home of different types of endemic forest species.

205-Ambo –Wonchi

Ambo is known for its mineral water. It is a 125 km drive to the west of Addis Ababa. There are also a lot of natural attractions surrounding the lake.
SET Out Line Itinerary
Tour Code
Duration – Two Days
Departure AM
Addis Ababa – Addis Alem – Ambo – Wonchi – Addis Ababa

Day 1- Driving Westward from Addis, you make your way to Ambo. Then visit the neighboring town of Gudar. After which a popular export quality red wine has beem named. You will enjoy the walk along the vineyard stretched out across the slopes. Return back and proceed to woncji after visiting the astonishing lake Wonchi. You travel back again to Ambo town over night Ambo in a hotel.
Day 2 – On your way visit Addis Alem church and proceed to Addis Ababa

206-Debra Birhane-Ankober

Debre Berhane and Ankober were the seat of chromium Emperors before the foundation of Addis Ababa. It is notable for its historical and natural attractions.

SET Out Line Itinerary
Tour Code
Duration – Full Day
Departure AM
Addis Ababa – Debre Berhan – Ankober -Addis Ababa