Bale Mountains National Park

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  • Duration - 5 Days
  • Departure - Addis Ababa
  • Min. Age - 9 years Old
  • Availability - All Year Round
  • Return - Addis Ababa
  • Max. People - 10
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Tour Detail

Bale Mountains National Park is located 400kms away from Addis Ababa and covers an area of 2471sq.kms. In the park there are 64 mammal species of which 11 of them are endemic including Nyala, Abyssinian wolf, Klipspringer, Menelik busj buck, Olive baboon, warthogs, leopards, duicker, hyrax, caracals, Goldon Jackuls, 220 bird species and 16 endemic birds.

SET Out Line Itinerary
Tour Code
Duration – Five Day
Departure 7.00 AM

Day 1- Drive to Awassa via Nazaret and Langano over night Awassa in a hotel

Day 2- Leave Awassa for wondogenet gor quick dig in hot mineral springs and lunch and proceed to Bale mountains over night Goba in a hotel

Day 3- Drive to Senate ot visit wildlife with your peinic lunch over night Goba in a hotel

Day 4- Drive to Sodore resort through Asella overnight Sodore in a hotel

Day 5- Drive back to Addis through Nareth